homostuckual said: i believe in you! what kind? and have you picked a name??

He’s a creamsicle corn snake, and I’m naming him Kevin

I cant believe I did it, I can’t believe I’m getting a snake

I’ve read up on them so much and I know what to do but I’m so nervous :


what if cecil wanted to use a bunch of science words while talking to carlos bc he wants to get more on his level and talk abt something that interests carlos but he misuses everything. “how about those polypeptide bonds carlos” “carlos you look nice today, very quantum” “hey carlos whats your favorite sports team i like the quarks” “hey hey hey carlos. carlos guess what? phospholipid bilayers.”


imagine cecil trying to subtly flirt with carlos through shirts with slightly outdated “”“nerdy”“” internet references

like lolcats, an excess of less than threes, science puns that only small newborn puppies are not aware of. a hot mess from the bowels of 2006 awesomesauce culture

it is 100% transparent but carlos is endeared nonetheless