How do you properly title a fan letter? I’m sending one to Jeffrey, is there a right way to do it or do I just type in whatever (something like RE: SDCC/Live Show or something?)

So I met up with Hasbro guy again today! He texted me during last night’s live show, which he was also at, and we got to meet and hang out today. He’s working on a show for Lego, as well as a reboot of the Magic School Bus. He also told me once I’m in LA he could help out with references or my job search, which is pretty great!

He also mentioned that he wants to ask the Night Vale guys if they’ve ever considered an animated series which….I can’t say I’m not behind :)



thethespacecoyote replied to your post “Hey sally are you going to Salt Lake comic con?”

Oooh cool. Me and das-uberchicken are tentatively debating going


AHHh noo we have to go now. Its only a 11 hour drive right?

If we split it over two days it wouldn’t be so bad either :>

We have to meet sally, its her art’s fault that I’m stuck with you nerd

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And I met Gabby who is awesome and omg, I love her so much! We geeked out in front of 711 after the show haha

Also yesterday was my one year anniversary of listening to Night Vale…of course I was cosplaying a five headed dragon lol. Come so far.

We’ve had our ups and downs but overall I love this fandom and the show and the crew and all the friends I’ve made, and I hope to make many more!!

Ahhh gosh the show last night was amazing! Cecil, Dylan, Jasika, and Hal were all in it, along with Marcus’s VA, James Urbaniak, Molly Quinn (Fey!!), Wil Wheaton and Jason Ritter (Dipper Pines’ VA)! It was so great.

It was my fifth live show and Tebia’s first, and what a good one.

Tebia is the best boyfriend and I love him very much


I posted about writing dom Cecil and I’m losing a ton of followers omg

It really is a lonely road

You kidding? Dom!Cecil is The Way
Anonymous sent: Headcanon: Carlos kept science kits for kids in his lab so that when Cecil visits at work, he can pretend to do experiments and such while Carlos works on his projects, but it usually ends up with Cecil watching him. Ever since Carlos was trapped in the other world, Cecil would invite Janice over and always say "wanna do some science with me?" And he'd get out a kit from home and they'd work together while Cecil scribbles Carlos's name with hearts all over the data page.