oldfashionedsoftmeatscrown sent: I kinda figured. If you need any help fixing your theme sometime, I straight up made my own, so I know a little (generally, some themes are not well coded and are hard to edit)

Mmmkay, I might change it soon so I could hit you up. I just want a nice simple theme that looks good, haha

what are some good earl or lauren/daniel prompts

or cecilos or anything night vale related really, i need to practice writing and i cant think of any good ideas

For future reference if you wanna talk to me my Skype is tharocknrollgirl777, just at least tell me who you are when you add me or whatever, cause if I don’t know who you are I won’t accept it

oldfashionedsoftmeatscrown sent: Hi, awkward question but: Where is your next page button? I'm kind of guessing that it's at the bottom of your sidebar, but that seems to be unreachable at my screen resolution

Yeah, it’s at the bottom of the sidebar, and it’s basically inaccessible to people on certain computers, which sucks….I’ve been meaning to change my theme but I’m just horrible at coding and making things look nice and such. Until I figure that out unfortunately you just gotta manually type in “/page/2”

Sorry about that :/

Pssst me and Tebs are gonna be answering asks with cosplay as Kevin and Gabe sometime early next week! So drop questions in our blogs’ inbox

I just love tiny food charms and earrings and stuff idk


Please look at all these high quality food miniatures like, I need all of them

In general I prefer comic cons to anime cons if only for the diversity in age groups. Anime cons are fun for friends, but after awhile hanging around only teens and 20 somethings gets a bit grating. But at comic cons you usually have kids, preteens, teens, young adults, middle aged people, the elderly…it’s just a more interesting crowd with a wider breadth of interests


a) was the voice at the beginning of episode 54 Hank Green or Wil Wheaton


b) Is that gonna be Earl’s voice?

Rabbit is basically the Squidward of the Winnie the Pooh universe

we went from watching Kill Bill Vol 2 to watching Winnie the Pooh