tebia and i decided gabriel has a praise kink

so while carlos doesn’t like being called perfect because he thinks its weird gabriel 100% eats that stuff up and loves to be told that he’s doing well and that he’s perfect

crying because what if Gabriel built a prototype StrexPet for Kevin as a sweet, cuddly companion for when Gabe couldn’t be around

His supervisors see the schematics and order him to build new aggressive ones, but the one in Kevin’s care is still sweet and loving and Kevin adores it

The Arrival.



Happy Easter, everyone! Well, a little while ago I made a headcanon regarding Night Vale and Easter and the arrival of strange, unexpected easter eggs which hatch into mysterious items which Carlos HAS to investigate and…well…I wrote a small fic. I am ridiculous, but SO wanted to do it! Please enjoy, and have a lovely day.

As always, I wrote in a rush and family are calling me, so forgive any spelling mistakes.


They appeared without a single mention, the soft, almost jewelled shells sparkling their mysterious multicoloured hues in the intense desert heat, unremarked upon and as silent as the moon. 

The various eggs lay dormant in many parts of Night Vale; on car windshields, beside front doors, even in one case perched atop a particularly large and spindly cactus standing guard like a lone sentinel on the edge of town. Although the eggs themselves begged many questions, their very mystery was mostly founded on how absolutely nobody seemed to acknowledge or even see them, leaving them untouched and unremarked on as people moved around them in their daily lives.

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I also just wanted to say that Carlos/Dinosaurs is my ultimate Brotp.

This is the cutest fic I’ve read in a long time

Celebrate easter by writing fic about fictional scientists having their monster boyfriends egg babies

If there’s not a Night Vale wedding episode eventually I swear

Man the only thing dumber than the people blindly loving something are the people blindly hating it


[S] Jesus: Rise.

das-uberchicken said: Awkward cuddling with Gabriel

Gabriel is super stiff the first few times they cuddle

Kevin just pets his head and coos and after a couple of times Gabriel starts to figure it out and relax