tbh I should have discussed what I did tonight a long time ago but I was too scared to. Sometimes you get so upset or afraid of people that you just shut off lines of communication when tbh thats really what you need to bury the hatchet

Also I was extremely close in getting Hiram’s canon eye color right without even knowing it. The only thing was that I used purple eyes instead of black on one of the heads

i have horns and earfins, as well as the golden makeup, but thats basically what i’ll look like as hiram

Oh so I’ll be at SDCC tomorrow! I’ll be running around as Intern Richard with Tebia as Intern Leland. We’ll be at the Night Vale panel!

Friday I’ll be either Carlos or Cecil, and Saturday will be (God willing) Hiram McDaniels, while Sunday I might just be chilling in Normal Clothes. Also, Saturday night I’m going to the Night Vale/Thrilling Adventure hour crossover show so yeah!

Hit me up if you want to hang out or get drinks or talk about Night Vale or whatever.

tbh most of the people i dont like or am wary of aren’t really bad people. i’ve just had bad experiences with them and i’m not comfortable interacting with them anymore. it doesnt mean anything’s wrong with them or that people shouldn’t interact with them, it’s just how i feel, and i know there are people who may feel differently, and thats okay!

i mean there are a few who i think are genuinely harmful, like the ones who harass people or send death threats, but they’re rare



(Note: While this post discusses the recent doxxing of a well-known member of the Welcome To Night Vale fandom, I will not be using her real name at any point. While the name is undoubtedly known to many people, I nonetheless ask anyone reblogging or commenting on…

This is a good post. There’s nothing inherently wrong with social justice, but what happened to Tamika’s writer is a consequence of everything that’s warped about the way it’s come to be conducted. Discourse is important, publicly shaming people based on shaky information from potentially manipulative sources is not.

why would you ever try to talk shit about someone to their significant other though