Anonymous sent: you've said before that carlos would be a quetzal (excellent choice by the way, i've always been a big fan of those fatties). can we see a drawing of quetzal!carlos? as birb or birb monster. :D


jathis sent: Carlos 25?


ah yes, there he is. that nerd.


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OHMAN teri and I were just talking about it and we made the connection that Nulogorsk was destroyed in a nuclear attack and night vale has an abandoned missile silo. What if Night vale attacked nulogorsk and leann hart was trying to cover it up?

Shit, I didn’t even make the connection with the abandoned missile silo! Thats definitely a possibility, there is something weird going on between Night Vale and Nulgorsk! It could very well have been a coverup…that would be in line with NV’s conspiratorial feel