SCP-2414 - English Youth

Item #: SCP-2414

Object Class: Keter (Upgraded from Euclid following Incident 2413-2)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2414 is to be kept in a 10 m x 10 m steel reinforced concrete chamber at all times. SCP-2414 requires no restraints and is allowed to move about the chamber on its own whim. 

SCP-2414 is to be kept separate from SCPs 1413-1416 and SCPs 2413 and 2415-2416 at all times. During mortality testing of SCP-2413, extra security personnel are to be stationed around SCP-2414 in the event of an attempted containment breach by the subject.  

Description: SCP-2414 appears to be a human male in his late teens, of indeterminable race and ethnicity. It is 1.80 m in height and 75 kg in weight, and possesses black hair and green eyes. It has a normative psychological profile and is capable of human communication, though nature of subject’s unusual slang has been estimated by linguistic analysis as being a combination of 1970s Australian and turn of the century American colloquialisms. Physical examination matches that of a modern teenaged male with albeit exemplary fitness, possible temporal origin of such anachronistic behavior remains unclear. 

SCP-2414 demonstrates an uncanny and remarkable ability to rejuvenate the emotions and temperament of all those within a 10 m radius upon activation of its ability.  Through an unknown mechanism, SCP-2414 can remotely stimulate the production of endorphins within a target’s endocrine system, triggering a wash of relaxed and positive feelings regardless of the target’s previous emotional state. Activation of SCP-2414’s ability responds to a number of external stimulus, the most effective of which seems to be exposure to varying types of cinematic media or visual impetus. SCP-2414’s power seems primarily passive, but it has shown the capacity to consciously activate it if provided with the proper conditions. 

SCP-2414’s demonstrates same regenerative abilities as SCPs-1413 through 2413, though subject has shown increased susceptibility towards head wounds. 

Conjugal mortality testing of SCP-2414 with SCPs-1413 through 1416, SCP-2413, and SCPs-2415 through 2416 has produced abnormal results in the subjects’ ubiquitous regenerative ability. If during testing termination is attempted on the additional subject(s) while SCP-2414 is still living, than the target subject’s regenerative quality will increase to the point of quasi-invulnerability. This effect diminishes when the target subject and SCP-2414 are removed from each other to a minimum distance of 20 m. Testing of SCP-2414’s ability on D-class personnel indicates that regenerative quality imbued on non-SCP subjects will be lessened but not entirely ineffectual. Autopsy of D-class personnel following exposure to SCP-2414 revealed increased concentration of β-Endorphin in the brain tissue and spinal cord, and elevated evidence of a highly elevated production of both additional analgesic hormone and epinephrine. Following Incident 2414-3 (See Incident Log 2414-3) in which target subject D-1515 became hostile and attacked attending personnel after being exposed to SCP-2414’s effect, research is to be restricted to those who have obtained clearance from three Level 3 personnel. 

Note:  Testing of SCP-2413’s genetic code confirms paradoxical relation between SCP-1413 and 1416 and SCPs 2414 and 2416. Chromosomal analysis indicates an impossible recombination of genes through the typical procedure of gamete meiosis and human reproduction. Despite this, SCP-2414 and 2416 are genetically dissimilar enough to eschew sibling classification, unlike SCP-1413 and 1416.

Addendum 2414-1: SCP-2414’s ability shown to have an enormous effect on individuals suffering from a variety of chronic mental conditions such depression, generalized anxiety, and depersonalization disorder. Data recorded from psychological examinations performed on target subjects after exposure to SCP-2414 shows  alleviation of symptoms in ██% of cases and complete eradication of most prevalent symptoms in ██% of cases. 

Addendum 2414-2: Following Incident 2413-2 (See Incident Log 2413-2) further conjugal mortality testing involving SCP-2413 and SCP-2414 forbidden. SCP-2414 demonstrated self-sacrificial behavior that resulted in termination of subject and prompted SCP-2413 to breach containment and cause the deaths of ██ personnel before being neutralized. SCPs-2413 and 2414 regenerated normally following incident.  

November  ██ , 20██: Who the hell requested SCP-2414 to be upgraded to Keter class? His—its ability hardly requires a higher classification, it’s not…The only reason it lashed out and stopped testing was because we tried to shoot its [EXPLETIVE] friend. Requesting demotion to Safe or at least Euclid class immediately.  —Dr. ██████  

Request Denied. —O-